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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

December Sermons

In the Providence of God, I had a salivary gland duct stone which laid me up in the hospital for five days, so I missed preaching the first Sunday of this month.  Thankfully, it passed and the infection is passing, and I am healing and getting back on my feet.  D.V., then, I propose the following schedule for the rest of the month:

12/8/13 Advent 2
 Hebrews 11:30  "Joshua"

12/15/13 Advent 3
 Hebrews 11:31  "Rahab"

12/22/13 Advent 4
 Hebrews 11:32-34  "And, Part 1"

12/24/13 Christmas Eve 7 PM
 Luke 2:1-20  "The Faith of the Shepherds"

 John 1:1-18  "Faith in the Incarnate God"

Join us at 10:30 AM for worship -- except as noted.

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