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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Historical Wisdom

When Bulstrode Whitelock was embarked as Cromwell's envoy to Sweden, in 1653, he was much disturbed in mind, as he rested at Harwich the preceding night, which was very stormy, as he thought upon the distracted state of the nation.  It happened that a confidential servant slept in an adjacent bed, who, finding that his master could not sleep, at length said: --

"Pray, sir, will you give me leave to ask you a question?"


"Pray, sir, do you think God governed the world very well before you came into it?"


"And pray, sir, do you think that he will govern it quite well when you are gone out of it?"


"Then pray, sir, but do you not think you may trust him to govern it quite well as long as you live?"

 To this question Whitelock had nothing to reply; but turning about, soon fell asleep, till he was summoned to embark.

-- G. S. Bowes, in Illustrated Gatherings, in The Treasury of David, vol. 2, 201.

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