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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Review: "Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ"

Robert W. Kellerman's book, Gospel Conversations:  How to Care Like Christ" is the companion volume to his Gospel-Centered Counseling:  How Christ Changes Lives" (which I have not read, but have now bought having read and found the second volume of value).

My experience of "Christian Counseling" has largely been that of "secular counseling" done with Christians and, to a smaller degree, finding out what the counselee's sin and condemning them for it -- telling them it is their only problem -- that there is no biochemical illness.

This book is something else -- something very helpful.

Kellerman writes, "Gospel conversations promote personal change centered on the person and work of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word" (16).  In other words, we help our fellow Christians to make positive changes by walking with them in the Word and following after with them in living out a life of faith and obedience in line with Who Jesus is and what Jesus has done to accomplish and secure our salvation.

Kellerman uses examples and Scripture to show how we can have up-building and Christ-glorifying conversations that are found in the realm of discipleship.

Throughout the chapters, Kellerman locks out sections to encourage maturity as a biblical counselor.  He sets forth study questions for each counselor to answer and reflect on to see where we need to grow both in our Christ-likeness as well as our counselees.  Then he sets forth questions for small groups to work through together, because counselors need wise counsel.  Then, there is a section of how to, then, counsel others in each area covered in the book.

This is a very useful and Christ-centered workbook for counselors to learn to help others who agree that Christ and His Gospel is the center of our life and faith.  I will spend more time with this book to become better, more biblical, and more Gospel-centered as I work with others to be the men and women Christ calls us to be.

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[I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.]

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