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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Review: From the Pen of Pastor Paul 1-2 Thessalonians

From the Pen of Pastor Paul 1-2 Thessalonians by Daniel R. Hyde is not a “scholarly” commentary, though it is filled with scholarship.  It is not a “devotional” commentary, though it is very devotional.  I would label this a pastoral commentary – warm, affectionate, biblically literate and orthodox.

The substance of this work comes out of the author preaching through these two books in 2010 at his church, during which time, he interacted with ancient, Puritan, and modern scholars to craft his sermons (12-15).

In the reworking of these sermons for a book, the author has done a commendable job in writing to the reader – pastor and layperson.  Hyde writes with the intention of Paul’s message for the audience of his book, and he is successful.

In dealing with passages which may be interpreted in many ways – especially those about the millennium, etc., Hyde carefully acknowledges that these views are around, but the central focus of these books, as well as all of the Scripture, is Jesus and His Gospel of salvation.

If you are looking for a book to use to pick a fight on these issues, this is not it. 

If you are looking to learn from God, from a pastor, who preaches Christ-centered, a work that is thorough-going, but accessible, pastoral, instructive, and convicting – because he is giving the reader the Word of God! – then this is it.

I would hope that Hyde puts more of his sermons together in this way.  This is a useful resource – a pastor to come along side of you as you read God’s Word in 1-2 Thessalonians.

[This review appears on my blog and on  I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.]

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