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Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: "The Jesus Club"

The Jesus Club by Brain Barcelona is an inspired collection of stories about how 16-year-old atheist, Brian, became a Christian with a passionate vision for bringing the Gospel to high schools.  To which end, he is the founder of One Voice Student Missions.
In seeking out more about his mission beyond the book, I found that he holds to the Lausanne Covenant and an evangelistic set of Core Values (
I applaud his passion and boldness for Christ, though I was disappointed that this book has scant reference or explanation of what the Gospel is.
And, although I believe God can heal and does speak to us through His Word, Bareclona’s frequent reference to himself as “like Elijah,” his frequent hearing of specific instructions from God and Jesus, as well as his reception of “words of knowledge” from others towards him, and his claim that he does “miracles in cooperation with God,” left me very nervous.
I am not questioning Barcelona’s faith – and his passion for the lost in high school is palpable, but this book would have been greatly strengthened with some specific and biblical foundation for what he preaches and how he works in his ministry.
I pray God uses him for His glory and the salvation of many.  But, I would recommend other books to help someone understand and become involved in evangelism.
[This review appears on my blog and on  I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.]

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